Valerie’s Voice

“The most exciting thing that happened to art music in years and days. (…) The opera is the iceberg stop on the new international wave of politically conscious art music that we have yet to see very little of in the major Swedish concert scenes ”/ Hanna Höglund, Expressen

Valeries Voice is a playful and experimental opera for one soprano, four electric guitars and electronics based on Valerie Solana’s S.C.U.M manifesto. Through soprano Paulina Pfeiffer we travel through Valerie’s thoughts on career, family life, politics, religion and art. In these rooms we follow Valerie’s thoughts and visions about a movement that radically wants to change the conditions for both women and men.

Helena Röhr has directed SCUM into a music-dramatic work that, together with music written by Christofer Elgh, shows the complex, multifaceted and humorous touch of the text. The music allows us to quickly shift from the serious to the humorous in the satire.

The production is a collaboration between Krock and Freebird.

Pascal Jardry, Danjel Röhr, Pål Nyberg, Jesper Nielsen – electric guitars.
Paulina Pfeiffer – soprano
Katt Hernandez – speaker voice

Music/Libretto: Christofer Elgh
Director: Helena Röhr
Costume design: Åsa Gjerstad
Lighting design: Kicki Renberg